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This session is designed to provide assistance to young writers at the beginning, intermediate and/or advanced stages of their writing process, from initial brainstorming to final drafts.

Do you need assistance in growing in your writing? Especially with regards to building characters? This masterclass will help hone your skills so that you can overcome obstacles and move your story forward.

Selected participants will be trained in an informal, round-table setting, where we will help you solidify your ideas, tighten and unify a story. This class will also aid your sentence structure, style, and grammar.

You will walk away inspired and filled with new-found confidence to take your writing to the next level.

Why you should be a part of this?

Imagination workout: You’ve got your characters and your story, but is it enough? Are your characters vivid and alive? Are their experiences and reactions believable? Do your readers connect with them? This masterclass will challenge you and help you to dig deep enough to write characters that resonate with readers.
Point of View: If you want to get published, you simply must master point of view. By the end of this masterclass, you will have taken a peek into how POV works–the difference between distanced and closer-focused POVs and when you should use 1st person instead of a 3rd person (or better still, when you can use both). Time will be given to group discussion about issues with your current work.
Short Stories: These are back in fashion. We will discuss how these elements of fiction fit into the short story form and opportunities for these in the current market.
On-the-spot expert feedback: Practical case studies will be featured and you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a facilitated Q
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